Welcome to The Super Web Analyst

The internet is an exciting place for people like me (people that like statistics, numbers, graphs and so on, that is). We all have access to some of the most amazing tools ever created; and most of them are available free of charge. FREE OF CHARGE! What's up with that?

Well, the open source web is what's up. But also the advertising-model of the internet. And Big Corporate Google. Statistics are big business.

stats pieI've decided to check the popular statistics/analytics programs out myself, and wrote down some reviews for internal use within our company. My CEO liked them so much he said: "go ahead, put those up on a web site, people might actually like that stuff!". And so I did. Registering superwebanalyst.net was easy, making this site a little less easy and getting YOU to actually visit this site was just plain hard. But hey, here you are, looking for information on software like Google Analytics, Webalizer Stats or AWStats.

My plan is to keep adding to this page every once in a while. Keep in mind though that this is just a hobby; and without the help of people like Bert Geens and Frederik Van Everbroeck I wouldn't even have finished this original site. Do bookmark though, because if I feel a new piece of software is worthy of a mention, I WILL add it! :)

Oh and one more thing... Thank you WizzzHosting for the free hosting. I really, really appreciate it!