Google Analytics Review

If you don't have any type of stats program attached to your website, or if you are looking for something more in depth, then Google Analytics is the answer. Google has a vested interest in websites for several reasons including their Adwords and Adsense programs, providing the best possible results for search queries, and being able to create new user friendly programs. Basically, knowing your business is how they make their money. And this is good news for you because you, too, will benefit from their resources and knowledge.

Probably, what is one of the most appealing features of Google Analytics is the fact that it is a free service. Prior to the program being launched, webmasters often paid hefty monthly subscription fees to companies who provided the programming to track their statistics. Although this was a much needed service, it meant that some other entity had all your private and most important information surrounding your portfolio of websites. Admittedly, Google has your information, too, but they will collect it regardless. In fact, they probably already know what you are doing. And, not only is the service free, but it is comprehensive, providing very detailed stats and data.

Google Analytics is geared toward those business owners who are serious about their marketing efforts. According to Google, "Google Analytics shows you how people found your site, how they explored it, and how you can enhance their visitor experience. With this information, you can improve your website return on investment, increase conversions, and make more money on the web". Indeed, GA is perfect for helping you fine-tune existing advertisements, create new and effective ads, in addition to potentially increase conversions on your website.

Some of the features of GA that will augment the effectiveness of your business are:

  • track specific ads so that you know from where sales originated
  • determine whether your advertising and subsequent sales meet, exceed or fall below budget
  • ability to track newer medium such as websites created for mobile phone use and various mobile applications
  • integrate GA with your Wordpress driven website
  • integrate GA with your Adsense and Adwords accounts
  • understand your customers by knowing what they are looking for while on your site
  • receive notifications when patterns of data change significantly
  • create custom reporting and custom dashboard for easy access of information and to eliminate repetitive tasks
  • ability to set up users so that employees can obtain their own reports for their areas of responsibility

One of the biggest problems website owners face is that they do not know enough about their visitors and their customers. Without knowing why or how a visitor came to a site, makes it almost impossible to duplicate an effective process or expand upon it. And, ignorance can be costly. Take for instance, the case of lead generation. If your service is specific to a particular region, then whether you receive one million visitors a day or two people, the result is the same. No sales. The traffic is irrelevant if they are coming from all over the country, and not your city. You cannot sell them your landscaping services, so what is the point of having that traffic. Without the stats program, you would assume that you have plenty of leads, when in fact, you have nothing. Therefore, the stats are crucial to your revenue model and your online success.

Finally, another helpful point about Google is that they have the money to invest in proper tools, meaning that there are plenty of videos, training manuals, questions and answers on their official forums, and a blog. For anyone who needs assistance using GA, help can be found.